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'Commando' Matchsticks

'Commando' Matchsticks

$ 14.00

Don't let wardrobe malfunctions ruin your day! Keep your confidence intact with Commando Matchsticks, a purse-sized lifesaver.

These handy clear double-stick tapes discreetly tackle a variety of fashion emergencies:

  • Peeking Bra Straps: Keep them under wraps (literally!)
  • Slipping Slings: Secure straps for worry-free wear.
  • Gaping Buttons: Fix unexpected button pops for a smooth look.
  • Revealing Wraps: Control flyaway fabrics for a confident silhouette.
  • Dropped Hems: Fix minor tears or mend a hemline in a pinch.
  • Tube Top Drama: Ensure a secure fit all day long.
  • Shifty Skirts: Keep them in place for carefree movement.

Commando Matchsticks are your secret weapon for a stress-free and stylish day. Pop them in your purse and be prepared for anything!

'Commando' Matchsticks

$ 14.00

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